Environmental Litigation

Insurance needs arise in a variety of circumstances, whether making claims on legacy insurance policies, obtaining business-related coverage, or seeking protection from environmental liabilities and cleanup cost overruns. Barg Coffin attorneys have extensive experience in each of these areas. We represent policyholders in resolving disputes with their insurers and counsel policyholders on coverage issues in a wide variety of contexts. These include environmental exposures involving both property damage and bodily injury claims, business-related claims, and claims against directors and officers. We also have substantial expertise and experience in negotiating and obtaining environmental cost cap, pollution legal liability, and contractor's pollution legal liability policies and similar surety mechanisms that protect property owners, sellers, and buyers in real property transactions and corporate acquisitions and divestments, and remediation contractors, from future liabilities.

We tailor our strategies to the individual circumstances of each coverage matter, providing creative, effective, and economical services to our clients. When approaching a coverage problem for a client, we analyze the underlying claims and the client's insurance portfolio and then devise a strategy to maximize coverage in a cost-effective manner. We pursue negotiation opportunities when available. We explore alternative dispute resolution techniques when they promise favorable results. And we go to court when that would best serve the client's interests, but always provide ongoing insurance counseling to our clients to help them avoid coverage disputes.