Environmental Compliance

Barg Coffin’s internal investigations help companies navigate the complex landscape of financial, criminal, and environmental investigations while minimizing disruption to the company and obtaining the best outcome possible. The key aspects of a successful internal investigation include early assessment and identification of goals, development of an investigative plan with in-house counsel and/or company executives, careful management of the investigation to ensure it does not “blow up” or go off-track, retention of specialized professionals when necessary, and completion of the investigation efficiently, quickly, and discreetly to prevent internal or public fallout.

Investigations are often initiated in response to a governmental investigation, subpoena or enforcement action, either civil or criminal. Whether the investigation being contemplated is the result of a criminal inquiry, a civil subpoena, a whistleblower complaint, or an internal objective, Barg Coffin can guide your company through the process effectively and nimbly.