Environmental Litigation

Citizen suits under federal and state environmental law often present substantial risk to defendants because of the possibility of far-reaching injunctive relief and potential awards of penalties and attorneys' fees. Barg Coffin has represented clients in the defense of numerous citizen suits, including actions brought by national environmental organizations alleging non-compliance with the Clean Water Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), as well as Proposition 65 actions brought against manufacturers of ceramic ware, faucets, water meters, brass products, and food. We have extensive experience both in defending clients from citizen suits, and in bringing citizen suits on behalf of clients to address complex environmental problems.

We provide practical advice on every step of citizen suit litigation, from responding to a notice letter to pre-filing negotiations to litigation. We give pragmatic advice on when to settle a case and when to litigate. We have handled cases ranging from simple to the most complex, involving cutting-edge legal issues and a multitude of experts.