Land Use, Development, and Natural Resources

Barg Coffin lawyers work closely with prospective purchasers of real property on environmental due diligence investigations and reports. We also work with companies interested in acquiring other companies or operating units, or in incorporating special purpose entities, affiliates or subsidiaries, to evaluate potential environmental liabilities and related issues, parent-subsidiary and corporate veil issues, and to draft documents and negotiate agreements to protect our clients, while at the same time helping to facilitate the transaction. We also assist clients with environmental compliance audits and corporate governance and environmentally related securities regulations. The firm has also been closely involved with property owners and lenders to provide advice concerning compliance with and the impact of local, state, and federal environmental laws.

In addition, our firm represents property owners, property buyers and sellers, lenders, and remediation contractors in all aspects of environmental transactions, including purchase and sale agreements, indemnities, performance-based contracts, guaranteed fixed-price contracts, environmental insurance agreements, conservations easements, Williamson Act matters, brownfields development, and military base transfers.