Environmental Compliance

Our clients encounter an array of agencies regulating nearly every aspect of operations, especially for those located in California and subject to the state’s array of state, regional, county, and local jurisdictions. Barg Coffin attorneys have decades of experience guiding both neophyte and experienced clients through nearly every type of interaction with regulatory agencies. For example, Barg Coffin attorneys often review and comment on proposed regulations, rule-making efforts, and new policies to ensure our clients’ viewpoint is incorporated and reflected in any developments affecting their mission or operations. And, when necessary, we file litigation to ensure that our client’s voice is heard.

Additionally, our attorneys frequently represent clients in responding to administrative agencies. Federal and state agencies issue orders, requests for information, notices of violations, notices to comply, and other directive correspondence. We work with our clients to decipher the request and its motivation, to identify the facts on the ground, and to craft a compelling and purposeful response to the agency.

Finally, our attorneys actively monitor and advocate for our clients on cutting-edge issues, such as new vapor intrusion guidelines proposed by EPA, new Proposition 65 regulations, and new drinking water and public health standards regarding a broad array of chemicals.